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As per advertisement no. [ICA-1411(3)/2017] published in dailies the following publication houses are empanelled:

List of the Printers 2017-2020





Contact No.



Arjan Basu Roy

6/7 Bijoygarh

Kolkata 700 032

(033) 6451 3342/3296 9725/094326 41597




Shubhankar Bhaduri

3 Bow Street

Kolkata 700 012

098301 05753



Calcutta Art Studio

Badsha Biswas

185/1 Bipin Behari Ganguly Street, Kolkata 700 012

(033) 2241 8379/98304 38528/93310 16168



Basumati Corporation Limited

166 Bipin Behari Ganguly Street, Kolkata 700 012

033 2350 9462, 7540 9435



Sailee Press Private Limited

N. K. Dutta

4A Manicktala Main Road,

Kolkata 700 054

033 2351 9855, 3253, 2355 3253




Ayan Mukherjee

49 Shyama Pally, Jadavpur

Kolkata 700 032

033 2419 7519



New Release


English Books

1.      1997: The Bayon: Reflections on Combodian Art,Sachchidanand Sahai,Rs. 30.

2.      1999: Emerging Issues of Prehistory in Bihar, Basudev Narayan, Rs. 60.

3.      1999: India, South East Asia and China: Some Historical Issues,Haraprasad Ray,Rs. 25.

4.      2002: Archaeology of Eastern India, New Perspectives,(eds) Gautam Sengupta and Sheena Panja, Rs. 600.

5.      2003: Ganga-Visnupadi Nagini,Gauriswar Bhattacharya, Rs. 75.

6.      2004: Selected Essays, Amitabha Bhattacharya, Rs. 50.

7.      2005: The Annotated Archaeological Atlas of West Bengal (Pre and Proto History) vol.1, (eds) Gautam Sengupta, B.D. Chattopadhyaya, and Sambhu Chakraborty, Manohar Publishers and Distributers, New Delhi in collaboration with Centre for Archaeological Studies & Training, Eastern India, Rs. 2500.

8.      2006: Past and Present Ethnoarchaeology in India,(eds) Gautam Sengupta, Suchira Roychoudhury and Sujit Som, Pragati Publications, New Delhi in collaboration with Centre for Archaeological Studies & Training, Eastern India, Rs. 1795.

9.      2006: Selected Writings, Archaeology, Architecture and Art, Nirmal Kumar Bose (two volumes), Centre for Archaeological Studies & Training, Eastern India in association with Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya, Bhopal, Rs. 450.

10.  2006: Formation Processes of the Lower Palaeolithic Record in the Hunsgi and Baichbal Basins, Gulbarga District, Karnataka,Richa Jhaldiyal, Rs 270.

11.  2006: Adityas, Grahas and other Deities of Time and Space on Surya Sculptures, Predominantly from Bengal,Gerd J.R. Mevissen, Rs 200.

12.  2007: Eloquent Earth,(eds) Gautam Sengupta, Sima Roy Chowdhury, Sharmi Chakraborty, Directorate of Archaeology and Museum in collaboration with Centre for Archaeological Studies & Training, Eastern India, Rs. 4500.

13.  2007: Archaeology of Early Historic South Asia, (eds) Gautam Sengupta and Sharmi Chakraborty, Pragati Publications, New Delhi in collaboration with Centre for Archaeological Studies & Training, Eastern India, Rs. 2195.

14.  2008: Indian Architecture through the Lens of Prof. N.K.Bose: A Photographic Exhibition, Rs. 150.

15.  2008: Human Skeletal Remains from Jotsuma, Nagaland: Osteobiographic Studies, Veena Mushrif-Tripathi,Toshi Jamir, Dam Vasa, S.R.Walimbe, Centrefor Archaeological Studies & Training, Eastern India, Rs. 750.

16.  2009: Archaeology in India: Ideas, Institutions & Individuals,(eds) Gautam Sengupta and Kaushik Gangopadhyay, Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd in association with Centre for Archaeological Studies & Training, Eastern India, Rs. 1495.

17.  2010: The Bejewelled Buddha: From India to Burma, Claudine Bautze-Picron, Sanctum Books, Delhi in collaboration with Centre for Archaeological Studies & Training, Eastern India, Rs. 1595.

18.  2010: Pratna Samiksha: A Journal of Archaeology,New Series, Volume1, Centre for Archaeological Studies & Training, Eastern India, Rs. 1000.

19.  2012: Pratna Samiksha: A Journal of Archaeology,New Series, Volume 2, Centre for Archaeological Studies & Training, Eastern India, Rs. 1000.

20.  2012: Pratna Samiksha: A Journal of Archaeology, Special Issue, Gaur: The Medieval City of Bengal c. 1450-1565, Centre for Archaeological Studies & Training, Eastern India, Rs. 1000.

21.  2013: Pratna Samiksha: A Journal of Archaeology,New Series, Volume 4, Centre for Archaeological Studies & Training, Eastern India, Rs. 1000.


Bengali Books

1.      1999: Banglar Adi-Madhyajug: Bhasa, Sahitya, Samaj O Sanskriti,Abanti Kumar Sanyal, Rs. 20.

2.      2001: Banglar Kutir (eds) Indrajit Choudhury and Asok Kundu, Rs. 100.

3.      2001: Banglar Samayikpatre Pratnatatva O Itihascharcha Pathikrit Prabandhapanji,Ashok Upadhyaya, Rs. 100.

4.      2003: Banglar Kather Kaj,Tarapada Santra, Rs. 150.

5.      2004: Nirbachita Prabandha,Hitesranjan Sanyal, Rs. 120.

6.      2006: Nirbachita Rachana, Pratnatatva, Sthapatya O Shilpakala,Centre for Archaeological Studies & Training, Eastern India in association with Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya, Bhopal, Rs. 450.

7.     2006: Bangla Prabandha Sankalan, Sarasikumar Saraswati, Centre for Archaeological Studies & Training, Eastern India, Rs. 60.

Resource for Publication in PratnaSamiksha

Pratna Samiksha, New Series is an annual peer reviewed journal published by the Centre for Archaeological Studies & Training, Eastern India, Kolkata. Published earlier by the Directorate of Archaeology and Museums, Government of West Bengal, it will henceforth be published by the Centre in a new format for which it is called as New Series. The main aim of bringing out this journal is to make it an important organ for projecting archaeology of Bengal and other states of eastern India in all its richness and complexity. This journal also intends to expand its horizon by inviting papers from scholars engaged in any meaningful research in archaeology.

Submission of an article in the Pratna Samiksha implies that it has not been previously published or accepted for publication elsewhere. It is a policy of the journal to referee all the submissions that should not normally exceed 7,500 (±1,000) words including notes and references. Any change or revision recommended by the referee is subsequently collated through the editor. It is important that all authors submit a separate sheet containing the title of submission and the name(s), educational qualifications, institutional affiliation (if any) of the author(s) and the detailed address for communication via electronic and surface mails.

Contributors are requested to provide an abstract of approximately 150 words summarizing the objectives and results of the research and also to include 5-7 keywords that accurately and specifically describe the manuscript’s dominant topic(s). The essays should be typed double spaced with at least one inch margin on each side on only one side of A4 paper and should be formatted as MS Word documents in Times New Roman typeface in 12 points.

Submission of a pdf supporting file is crucial in case Roman or other special sorts are used. The specific fonts used in putting diacriticals should also be supplied. Submission of an electronic copy via email or in CD is essential. Latin phrases, e.g. per se, inter alia, albeit, etc., are not italicized. Quotations, strictly verbatim, of 50 words or more are to be two-space left indented in a separate paragraph. Shorter quotations will run on in the text with single quotation marks. Ellipses are indicated by three continuous dots. British spelling is preferred. Consistency in hyphenation, diacriticals, captioning of plates/figures, and capitalization will be appreciated.

Subheads should be short and meaningful. An article may be divided into a number of subheads belonging to various levels: A-level (i.e. the first order), B-level (i.e. the second order), and C-level (i.e. the third order) subheads. The authors are expected to categorize them with A, B, and C in accordance with their hierarchy.

Era designations are expressed in two ways: (1) CE (the Common Era) and BCE (before the Common Era); (2) AD (anno Domini, i.e. in the year of the Lord) and BC (before Christ). Other forms include AH (anno Hegirae, i.e. in the year of the Hegira); it is customary to use BP (Before Present) when discussing geological or palaeontological data. Latin abbreviations precede the year number and the others follow it. These abbreviations appear in small capital without full points, for example, 300 BC–AD 650.

Particular centuries are spelled out and lowercased, such as:

(1)      from the sixth to the ninth century AD

(2)      the fourth century BC

(3)      the eighth and ninth centuries    

The style of reference, through in-text citation by ‘author year: pp’ for books (e.g. Johnson 1997: 152-9 and not 152-159) and ‘author year’ for article (e.g. Dhavalikar 1989) followed by an extended alphabetic list of reference titled REFERENCES at the end, has to be strictly followed. In case of more than one citation for a single fact/interpretation, the pattern should be first alphabetical and then chronological (e.g. Bhattacharyya 1977; Chakrabarti 1988; Morrison 1970, 1974; Niyogi 1971; Sircar 1958, 1965, 1976, and so on). The spellings of names/surnames of scholars cited in the references/bibliography should be identical to those used by the scholars themselves in their original publications, for example, R. D. Banerji [not Banerjee], D. C. Sircar [not Sarkar], and J. N. Banerjea [not Banerjee]. In works authored by more than one scholar, et al. (not italicized) should be used.

Endnotes titled NOTES, only when they are crucial to the text, should also have the same ‘author year: pp’/‘author year’ format of citation with in-text cumulative numbering and such references should also be included in the extended list. Notes should not be mere citation of references and have to contain critical and/or explanatory statement(s) of the author.


The styles for bibliographic references are the following:

Anand, Kumar. 1995. History and Archaeology of Buxar, Bhojpur and Rohtas Region. Delhi: Ramanand Vidya Bhavan.

Mukherjee, S. C. 1958. ‘Some Observations on the Malasarūl Copper-plate.’ Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, Letters 24: 31-8.

——. 1997-98a. ‘The Jagajjivanpur Copper-plate Inscription of King Mahendrapāla (of the Pāla Dynasty), Regnal Year 7 (AD 857).’ Pratna Samiksha 6-8: 58-70.

Mukherjee, S. C. 1997-98b. ‘Two New Copper-plate Inscriptions (Nos 1 & 2) of King Gopāla II, Pāla Dynasty of Bengal and Bihar, Regnal Year 4 (c. AD 878).’ Pratna Samiksha 6-8: 71-83.

Roy, R. K. and G. S. Chattopadhyay. 1997. ‘Quarternary Geology of the Environs of Ganga Delta, West Bengal and Bihar.’ Indian Journal of Geology 69 (2): 177-209.

Sengupta, Gautam. 1989. ‘New Evidence on Early Bengal Sculptures.’ Nalinikanta Satavarsiki: Dr N. K. Bhattashali Centenary Volume: Studies in Art and Archaeology, of Bihar and Bengal, edited by Debala Mitra and Gouriswar Bhattacharya, pp. 233-7. Delhi: Sri Satguru Publications.


Halftone illustrations (captioned PLATE) should be preferably B/W or colour (confined to a minimal: 6-8) and line drawings, diagrams or charts (captioned FIGURE) should be clear in black ink and compatible to the size of the journal (16.5 × 23 cm). Colour photographs should be scanned at 300 dpi and B/W photographs should be scanned at 600 dpi in .jpg/tiff format. Illustrations of pdf format will not be acceptable. Authors are responsible for clearing copyright of all matters sent to the Pratna Samiksha. It may be noted that copyright of all original material submitted to this journal will thereafter rest with the Pratna Samiksha. In assigning copyright the authors may use their own material in further publications provided the Pratna Samiksha is acknowledged as the original place of publication. Authors (including co-authors, if the number does not exceed three) will get a free issue of the volume and 10 offprints of the paper within two months from the date of publication.

The distribution of the journal is handled by Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers, New Delhi. For subscription and trade enquiries please write to:

Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd

54 Rani Jhansi Road, New Delhi 110055

Telephones +91 11 2367 1668/3650, 2363 6097/8992

Telefax +91 11 2361 2745 Email info@mrmlonline.com

Website www.mrmlonline.com

However, all editorial communication with regard to Pratna Samiksha should be mailed to:

The Editor

Centre for Archaeological Studies & Training, Eastern India

4 Camac Street, First Floor, Part A, Kolkata 700 016

Telephones 033 2281 6029/5553, Telefax 033 2281 6029

Email castei5n@gmail.com, Website www.castei.org.in

Prehistory of South Asia
Seminar 2010

This was the 15th Annual Seminar of the Centre. The theme was ‘Prehistory of South Asia’. The main aim was to highlight explorations and excavations in different parts of South Asia. There was a need to highlight areas which have been the subject of substantial research for further development.
Bhatpara Takarnath Balika Vidyalaya

CASTEI will be organizing a series of outreach programs at different schools and colleges to create awareness for heritage and archaeology. The first of the awareness programme was held at Bhatpara Takarnath Balika Vidyalaya on 7/1/2013-8/1/2013.