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N.K. Bose Photo Archive: This project has been taken up by the Centre since 2006. Mr Rabindranath Bose, nephew of Prof. N.K. Bose donated all negatives, photographs, glass plates bearing Indian art and Anthropology from Prof. Bose’s collection to the Centre. Centre had already digitized around four thousand photographs from Prof. N. K. Bose’s collection. Mr Indrajit Chowdhury, Mr Abhik De and Mr Jiten Shah have played an important role in cataloguing these materials. Dr D. R. Das has identified the digitized photographs. The photo archive has already been created and it will be soon be available to interested viewers. 


Tarapada Santra Photo Archive: A huge collection of letters and articles of Tarapada Santra is preserved in the Centre for Archaeological Studies & Training Eastern India. Through this project we are trying to make an index of the whole collection. Mr Santra received numerous letters from many scholars, officials and others. We are keeping the letters in a separate index by maintain columns like, ‘Letter sent from whom’, ‘To whom the letter is sent’, and ‘The Date of the letter’. The articles collected by Tarapada Santra and many articles written by him are put in different files. This particular section is done in a separate way. This archive is going to help many young scholars interested in archaeological research or works related to folk art or some indigenous affairs.

Prehistory of South Asia
Seminar 2010

This was the 15th Annual Seminar of the Centre. The theme was ‘Prehistory of South Asia’. The main aim was to highlight explorations and excavations in different parts of South Asia. There was a need to highlight areas which have been the subject of substantial research for further development.
Bhatpara Takarnath Balika Vidyalaya

CASTEI will be organizing a series of outreach programs at different schools and colleges to create awareness for heritage and archaeology. The first of the awareness programme was held at Bhatpara Takarnath Balika Vidyalaya on 7/1/2013-8/1/2013.