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Research is an integral part of the Centre’s academic programme. It is the endeavor of the faculty to expand the knowledge of Eastern Indian Archaeology through exploration, excavation, scientific analysis, as well as bringing out new dimensions to traditional areas of research through fresh theoretical and methodological perspective. Last eighteen years have seen some changes in the faculty but our commitment stays the same.

Dr. Pranab Chattopadhyay (as Senior Fellow) has worked on metallurgy of eastern India, specially on high-tin-bronze.  

Dr. Sheena Punja (as Fellow) has conducted extensive exploration and georchaeological studies in Malda and South Dinajpur to reveal the nature of early medieval settlement in that region.

Dr. Sima Roychowdhury (as Fellow) studied terracotta art of the early historic period from sites like Tamluk and Chandraketugarh.

Dr. Bisnhupriya Basak (as Fellow) has undertaken exploration and geoarchaeological studies in Puruliya district for understanding microlithic sites in the context of landscape through and post depositional processes.

Dr. Sutapa Sinha (as Fellow) studied the coin and currency system of the Bengal Sultans and studied hoards in various museums of eastern India, Bangladesh and United Kingdom.

Dr. Suchira Roychoudhury (as Fellow) conducted a survey of Ajoy River Valley, studied pottery from excavation at Baneswardanga and Pandurajar Dhibi, she also co-directed excavation at Mangalkot. 

Dr Kaushik Gangopadhyay (as Fellow) surveyed coastal zone of East Medinipore District and explored the site of Tilda, studied the pot-sherds from the site of Natsal, East Medinipore District. He was also part of the team studying excavated fauna remains of West Bengal. Additionally, he also directed an extensive excavation at the site of Bahiri located at East MediniporeDistrict (Contai Block II) in March 2013.


Presently different research programmes are underway

Dr Sharmi Chakraborty

·         She has worked on ‘Ceramics Style in Early Historic India’ using ethnographic evidence from present day potters in West Bengal

·         Directed exploration of Bakreswar River Valley from confluence of River Chandrabhaga to the River Koya as well as in Mayurakshi-Koya confluence as completion of ongoing exploration.

·         Directed trial trenches at the village of Paharpur to understand the pottery sequence of the region.

·         She has directed excavation at Kusumjatra village in Ahmadpur Block, Birbhum Dist.

·         Worked as co-investigator with Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute on technological aspect of Black Wares of ancient India (sponsored by INSA).

·         Presently working on settlement system of South 24 Parganas.


Shri Avick Biswas

·         He is doing research on ‘Pre-Historic Investigation in the Kharla River Valley, Western Orissa’. 

·         Studied and documented the pre-historic tools of Chanderi (Madhya Pradesh).


Other Research Activities

KumKum Bandyopadhyay completed research on Archaeology, Art and Iconography of the South Bihar Plains as Post-Doctoral Associate. As a part of her work, she has conducted intensive explorations in the Lakhisarai, Jamui and Bhagalpur districts of south Bihar.

Prehistory of South Asia
Seminar 2010

This was the 15th Annual Seminar of the Centre. The theme was ‘Prehistory of South Asia’. The main aim was to highlight explorations and excavations in different parts of South Asia. There was a need to highlight areas which have been the subject of substantial research for further development.
Bhatpara Takarnath Balika Vidyalaya

CASTEI will be organizing a series of outreach programs at different schools and colleges to create awareness for heritage and archaeology. The first of the awareness programme was held at Bhatpara Takarnath Balika Vidyalaya on 7/1/2013-8/1/2013.