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Workshop on Flintknapping

The Centre organized a four-day workshop on ‘Flintknapping and Introduction to Stone Tools’, the first of its kind in Kolkata, infact in entire eastern India between 1 and 5 October 2012. The course was conducted by Dr Parth Chauhan, associated with Stone Age Institute, USA. This workshop was meant for interested archaeology and anthropology students as well as for interested non-academic participants. Stone tools represent the oldest and most abundantly preserved behavioural evidence in the archaeological record. This interactive workshop introduced to the participants various aspects of Palaeolithic Archaeology and Lithic studies, per se. The workshop was not only meant for delivering lectures through power-point presentations, but most importantly gave the students the first ever opportunity of hands on practical training on making of stone tools (flintknapping), drawing, measuring and photographing them, with proper scientific equipments provided to them (including gloves and goggles, calipers, etc. along with large blocks of various kinds of hard rock provided to them as raw-materials for making tools).

They were also taught to appreciate the usage of stone tools by prehistoric people by making them butcher raw meat with their own stone tools that they have learnt to make in the practical flintknapping sessions. Students represented Anthropology Departments of various colleges of Kolkata, and Departments of Anthropology of Calcutta University and West Bengal State University, Archaeology Department of University of Calcutta and Visva-Bharati and also from neighbouring state of Orissa from Department of Anthropology, Utkal University. The workshop aimed to teach the students appreciate the stone tools and fully understand the functional utility of these in prehistoric times. A major part of the workshop was extensive practical sessions which the students generally don’t get the opportunity in their course curriculum in universities and colleges. The workshop ended with distribution of participation certificates by Centre’s chairperson, Prof. Krishna Bose.

Prehistory of South Asia
Seminar 2010

This was the 15th Annual Seminar of the Centre. The theme was ‘Prehistory of South Asia’. The main aim was to highlight explorations and excavations in different parts of South Asia. There was a need to highlight areas which have been the subject of substantial research for further development.
Bhatpara Takarnath Balika Vidyalaya

CASTEI will be organizing a series of outreach programs at different schools and colleges to create awareness for heritage and archaeology. The first of the awareness programme was held at Bhatpara Takarnath Balika Vidyalaya on 7/1/2013-8/1/2013.